Are you still wondering if you can truly lead in your field?

Are you still wondering if you really will succeed?

Are you still trying to combat negative self-talk?

Are you still distracted by imposter syndrome?


Developing your emotional Intelligence will help you to understand how to overcome negative thoughts and release you to achieve success in your personal and professional life.


Is it really possible for me?

Whether you’re just beginning or have been leading for a while, over time you will have developed new knowledge and skills which others can benefit from. Emotional Intelligence allows you to understand why and how you can best to utilise those skills in order to lead a successful life.


Sometimes the issue is about letting go of past beliefs, or negative statements which became engrained in our psyche during childhood. However, life’s obstacles can become your stepping-stones to success. Past experiences, pleasant or not have happened. Emotional Intelligence enables us to  accept that such experiences have occurred and own them, while utilising them as powerful tools to help and create positive change in the lives of those around us, which brings me onto the big WHY?


Know Your Why

You’ve probably heard this phrase before, “Know your WHY”, but what does that actually mean? Your WHY is about you understanding your core reason for doing what you do. For example. I promote Emotional Intelligence to help people Lead with Confidence, but my core reason for doing those things is because (here comes my why…) I wasted too much of my lifetime missing out because I believed that what I had to offer was not good enough, so I help others aim for and achieve success in their personal and professional lives. 


You’re here because you have a true reason for wanting make a difference.


What is it?


Don’t worry if you can’t quite put it into words just yet, you DO have your WHY and may just need some help to discover clarity around it. Take the FREE Emotional Intelligence and book a free call. Together we’ll figure out your WHY and discover your best way forward.

"I met Yvette through an online event about Gambling Harm and Mental health & Wellbeing is a big part of any recovery from addiction. Yvette is very passionate when helping others and adds value, inspiration and confidence when working with her".

Mark Pickering